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Team of an IT and service firm discussing about the all-in-one platform EMAsphere for budget, forecast, reporting & dashboard

Develop your activities.

Offer more to your clients.

A unique solution.

IT and Services Firms can now bring in more expertise with EMAsphere.
Our inbuilt know-how and agility are at your service to help you reach the next level in developing your activities.

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Complete your portfolio of solution

Anticipate the automation of services and reinforce your portfolio of activities.

Get your clients asking for additional services by offering valuable insights.

Deliver a state-of-the art platform

Consolidate data from any kind of solution to deliver synthesised financial and operational insights.

Implement reports that pave new ways for your clients to manage their organisations.

Win new market share

Be a pioneer and grow your visibility by making available new innovative services.

Put forward the value of your advisory service and reinforce your client base by demonstrating your efficiency.

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