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Transport & Logistics


The transport industry has drastically changed in recent years, competition is not weakening and margins play a crucial role. More and more transport and logistics companies are investing in new tools to ensure better profitability. Our solution enables transport and logistics companies to optimally manage their businesses through dashboards based on industry-specific data such as :

  • Details of revenues per customer, market, product, ...
  • Details of costs per warehouse, vehicle, ...
  • Profitability per industry, vehicle, building, ...
  • Consolidation of data from group entities
  • Cash forecast
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Driven by a positive growth, many construction companies are investing in management tools to support their development. EMAsphere enables construction companies to better control their projects through dashboards specific to their sector :

  • Cost details per subcontractor, machine, material, ...
  • Profitability per construction site
  • Accurate tracking of cash flows and cash flow forecast in order to ensure good financing of construction projects
  • HR indicators : hourly cost, paid days per worker, absenteeism, ...
  • Inventory management
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Services & IT


The services industry is based on a group of employees whose profitability is directly linked to optimised project management. In order to better control their margins, many services companies acquire analysis tools to optimise their performances. Our management tool enables these companies to benefit from a better control of their specific business figures :

  • Profitability and margins of the different projects
  • Cost analysis per department
  • Sales data : potential customers, pipeline status, conversion rates
  • Monthly comparison between actual figures and the budget
  • Cash flow tracking and cash flow forecast to ensure financial strength
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Retail & Distribution

Retail and distribution companies are facing new challenges such as e-commerce and must be more responsive. Many retail companies are therefore setting up solutions to speed up their decision-making processes. The EMAsphere solution provides access to dashboards based on industry-specific data such as :

  • Profitability per site, type of product, ...
  • Comparisons of sales per type of product, sales channel, seller, ...
  • Stock tracking : stock rotation, storage cost, ...
  • Average basket, number of sold items, number of customers, ...
  • Alert systems in order to quickly respond to financial development and make decisions in terms of sales strategies or marketing campaigns, …
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Non-profit associations


Non-profit organisations are facing the same management challenges as the commercial companies and many of them acquire solutions to optimise their resources management. The features of our solution are perfectly adapted to the requirements of these organisations :

  • Specific analysis of costs and subsidies
  • Workforce tracking : absenteeism, staff costs per department, …
  • Number of events, number of current and completed projects, ...
  • Budget tracking and comparison with actual figures
  • Cash flow tracking and cash flow forecasting
  • PDF or PPT reporting for the executive board
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Other industries

With more than 6000 companies on our platform, EMAsphere has acquired a great expertise with tailor-made solutions. EMAsphere teams have already developed dashboards for other industries such as hotels, restaurants, production, rest houses, chemistry, leisure, ... Our management reporting tool offers the ability to :

  • Get financial reports and indicators : income statement, cash flow, balance sheet, ...
  • Receive accurate analytical reports per product, activity, ...
  • Make a cash forecast
  • Consolidate group data
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