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EMAsphere connects to your accounting and business software to leverage company wide data.

With a catalog of ready-to-use dashboards and business features, such as consolidation and budgeting, you will be acting on the latest business information quickly without the heavy investment in time or money associated with traditional BI tools.

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Business Intelligence software

BI tools can be expensive to implement and maintain often needing specialist product knowledge. They focus on looking at where you’ve been and don’t offer business features to help forecasting, cash management, etc.

Expensive projects

Past data only

No business features


Spreadsheets are time-consuming and lead to manual errors. Producing dashboards and forecasts with only spreadsheets requires significant resources which should be focused be on analysis and planning.


Risk of manual errors

Significant resources required

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Data structure

Time saving

Data visualisation

Ease of use

Expertise of our support team

Collaborative solution


Business features

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Brice Van den Meerssche
Brice Van den Meerssche
Business Analyst

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