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How to build
your dashboard

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A simple and complete guide to building a dashboard, customised to your organisation


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The 3 steps methodology

  • Identifying needs
  • Data analysis and processing
  • Development of dashboard















Effective dashboards

To construct effective dashboards, aligning them with the company's strategy and objectives is crucial. This requires active participation from all stakeholders to determine the necessary key indicators, consultation frequencies, and supporting materials. This should be done before analysing the availability and processing of raw data, as the latter often presents a significant challenge and requires a large allocation of resources if not automated. Lastly, maintaining a simple presentation of information is essential for successfully developing dashboards.

EMAsphere offers a comprehensive management solution that facilitates monitoring key financial and operational performance indicators for companies and their subsidiaries. The forecasting module provides the ability to create and monitor financial scenarios, budgets and business plans and simulate their impact using visual and interactive dashboards.

Dashboard creation by EMAsphere


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How to build your dashboard