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150 years of hospitality enhanced by data-driven guest experience.

Van Der Valk

Centralised reporting helps manage investment decision making and improves customer satisfaction.

Van der Valk is a hotel group managing a hundred properties around the world. The toucan brand has taken off in a spectacular fashion since its Golden Lion origins - a Dutch “pub” famed for the quality of its hospitality. Over the last century and a half, the family business hasn’t stood still, growing exponentially.

Most family members of the group are actively involved in managing the hotel properties across the globe. Eager to “give each guest a unique experience at every opportunity”, their managers have made “maximum satisfaction, efficiency and durability” their development criteria, as explained by Tim Van der Valk, CEO of Van der Valk Beveren hotel.

Keen to brighten up his clients’ stay, Tim Van der Valk, hoped to continuously track his hotel KPIs with the aim of investing wisely into his infrastructures and the care given to his clientele.

To achieve this level of service, adopting a suitable piloting tool was of absolute importance. The EMAsphere solution has allowed the brand to be more efficient in terms of financial management and more effective in the work delivered by the various teams at the properties. 

Hotel management piloted in real-time

With a keen interest in the excellence of its hospitality and quality of its facilities, the toucan brand constantly invests in its staff, infrastructures, and services levels. “The management level has become so complex that the lack of analyses made itself felt when it came to reach our goals”, Tim Van der Valk observes.

The Beveren hotel group prioritize the selection of a reporting and financial management tool to help the managers continuously analyse their activity - growth, investments, treasury and margins. “This reporting solution had to present an excellent price-quality ratio, adapted to our structure”, the CFO, Jurgen Van Den Branden, adds.

Why EMAsphere? “The dedicated tool allows us to automate the extraction of data useful to management. Its ease of use allows us to work efficiently and improve the teams collaboration”, sums up the CEO.

The key commercial dynamic of Van der Valk was to make “comfort accessible to everyone one, by continuously innovating”, its decision makers were receptive to the fact that EMAsphere was also standing out as providing great value for money”, the CFO is pleased to say. “The speed and flexibility of its installations” were also worth noting.

About the organisation.

  • 4-star hotel chain
  • 100+ hotels in Europe and North America
  • 10% growth in 2018

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