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Gaining efficiency and flexibility by doing the move from BI reporting to EMAsphere


Sam Boribon
& Chloé Fieux

Finance Manager and Head of Studio

About Qualifio

Qualifio's platform allows companies to collect data on all of its digital channels thanks to the interactive content.

Connect Exact Online to EMAsphere


  Created in 2011

  Marketing campaign platform

  50-99 employees


Before EMAsphere, Qualifio used a BI tool that turned out not to be the best solution for the company

Lack of autonomy with the BI reporting solution

When using a BI solution, Qualifio had to rely on external consultants to manage its financial reporting.. 

Limited agility

The solution was limited  in terms of agility, ease of use and connectivity. 

No departmental dashboard

Before EMAsphere, Qualifio lacked a tool capable of making the data managers an accessible tool so that they can own their departmental dashboards


[EMAsphere] is really an ideal tool for interpreting your numbers. Therefore, it really provides an overview of your performance without having to perform any manual action. Additionally, it facilitates exchanges between the different managers who manage their own budgets.

A flexible and easy-to-use reporting solution with tailor-made accesses

  • Quick implementation
    Now equipped with EMAsphere, Qualifio has a solution that was quickly put in place and which is connected to the accounting software already in place (Exact Online specifically).
  • Doing the move from a BI solution to EMAsphere for an optimised performance management.
    As opposed to the BI solution previously used by Qualifio, EMAsphere is configurable internally. It doesn't require the systematic intervention of a consultant, and is easy to learn, even for non-financial people.
  • Creating a bridge between the finance team and managers thanks to EMAsphere
    One of the main challenges for finance teams is often the sharing of clear financial information with other departments. This is essential, however, for monitoring changes in income, expenses, budget, etc. For Qualifio, EMAsphere answers the question: “How to get departmental managers to get into financial information and share it easily?”

EMAsphere is really the bridge between Sam and me. As a result, I now have a great view of my budget and, simultaneously, it allows us to centralise all the information.

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