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Use preconfigured dashboards that can be easily customised to your needs.

You won't have to start from scratch as we establish a direct connection to your existing systems, such as accounting, HR, CRM, and others. This makes reporting a hassle-free experience for you.


Quick implementation for financial reporting

 Enjoy automatically updated reports

 Easily customise your pre-configured reports to meet your needs

You should not be stressed by manually gathering data

We take care of the data collection process by connecting directly to your accounting system, HR system, CRM systems, and any other relevant systems. This allows us to automatically generate up-to-date reports, saving you time and hassle.


Quickly deploy pre-configured dashboards that are easy to customise

  • Deploy ready-to-use dashboards
  • Choose from over 50 ready-to-use KPIs and graphs
  • Build your own dashboards with your preferred KPIs, graphs, and grids.
  • You can even combine financial and non-financial data to create custom analytical dashboards tailored to your specific needs.

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Join over 10,000 CFOs in our community and take control of your reporting with EMAsphere.
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How can you harness the power of reporting?

Getting powerful reporting has never been easier. It's so simple that you can start now.


Schedule an introductory meeting with one of our experts to meet our EMATeam
Discover how our reporting platform can help in your daily activities.


Get your data connected in a few clicks
Once you subscribe to our platform, we take care of connecting your systems to EMAsphere.


Get control of your reporting
Take full control of your reporting and make informed decisions.

Discover how our clients benefit from automated reports in EMAsphere.

"Thanks to EMAsphere, my reports are generated automatically on a daily basis. There is no need to go and put your hands in an Excel spreadsheet, which saves an immeasurable amount of time and allows you to manage the company in a very precise way."


Alexandre Helson
General Director | Maison Dandoy

"As soon as we connect to EMAsphere, we automatically see the consolidated result to date, the history of the previous months, and can very easily compare the best performing restaurant with the worst performing one."


Maxime Herbays
CFO | Be Burger

Analysis & forecasting

Data sharing