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5-star reporting for the leading hospitality software suite.


“A la carte” integration benefits to the global leader of the hotel management software.

Stardekk is leading the development of online booking software in the hospitality industry. More than 3,500 properties in 50 destinations manage their bookings through the Stardekk software suite. Newly raised capital accelerated the need for Stardekk to invest in a sound financial and operational reporting solution.

Tracking the management KPIs was just not possible with the traditional accounting tools and Excel spreadsheets. The Stardekk executives opted for EMAsphere, as it precisely delivers the management solution with the in-real-time tracking performance they wanted.

Supporting the ambitions of a world leader in the industry.

Founded some twenty years ago, Stardekk is a company specialised in applications for hotels and has benefited from a strong and steady growth in recent years. Especially dedicated to owners of hotels, B&Bs and other wellness centres around the world, Stardekk rose to become the privileged tech partner of travel platforms such as AirBnB, Booking.com, Google Trips,Expedia, HRS and Tripadvisor. “We are now the leading stakeholders in the online softwares business”, confirms the founding CEO Vincent Goemaere.

“Having access to the fresh capital created a fundamental need for financial and operational reporting to sustain the company’s growth. The traditional accounting tools could no longer help us to satisfy our international ambitions”.

This is why the solution offered by EMAsphere - the ability to manage and track in real-time the enterprise’s performance - was more than attractive to the management of Stardekk. “It (the solution) has the advantage to easily integrate with the Exact Online accounting solutions, illustrates Vincent Goemaere, who’s very satisfied with the fluidity and flexibility of the implementation. “Installing has been extremely quick thanks to EMAsphere’s expertise and experience with our accounting system”.

Financial reporting updated and adapted for each users needs.

“EMAsphere allowed for the smooth creation of exhaustive financial reports, also adapted to any type of user, whether it is the board, the management or operation teams”, approves Pierre Swenden, Commercial and Financial Management Controller for Stardekk. “The reports are visual and understandable by anyone. Each reporting can easily evolve according to the company’s new operational realities while it keeps offering relevant KPIs to each user”.

Another crucial advantage lays with the update of the financial information. As the update of Exact Online’s accounting system is completely automated, the manual errors and calculation errors related to Excel have disappeared altogether, giving way to time-savings instead. The customer can therefore dedicate more attention to analysing the management performance.

“EMAsphere is now a whole part to the decision-making process at Stardekk”, sums up Pierre Swenden. “It allows us to gain a clear and updated vision of the financial states of the company’s activities. Without it, our decision-making would be based on gut-feeling”. Vincent Goemaere goes on: “By comparison with Excel, EMAsphere is synonym of valuable time-savings in terms of calculation and layout. It prevents us from making many entry typing errors”, rejoices the CEO. “The ability to share and give access to several users make the tool unavoidable. By providing a clear view of our financial situation, EMAsphere helps us to take better operational or strategic decisions to maintain our activity growth”. 

About the organisation

  • SaaS solution for Hotels
  • 20-year existence
  • +20 million bookings handled
  • +3,500 customers
  • +50 countries

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