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#Cash position

Manage and anticipate your cash flows with EMAsphere 

Cash management is a crucial component of your company's financial stability. Having the right set of key indicators to manage the cash is essential. EMAsphere gives you a very accurate view of your cash position performance and the items impacting your cash flow.

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Get a clear view of your cash position’s evolution

Test several cash position forecasting scenarios

Get visibility on your debts and investments

Visualise which customers to reactivate and when

Cash performance

Cash flows

In addition to simply displaying your cash balance, EMAsphere enables you to analyse the cash positions on a monthly basis since the beginning of the year or over a particular month. This gives you both an overall and a detailed view of your cash flow.

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Analysis of liquidity KPIs

Liquidity ratios and KPIs

In order to carry out a clear analysis of your current and future cash position, EMAsphere automatically generates the KPIs that impact cash such as investments, debit position and DSO, as well as credit position and DPO, financial debts, etc.
These data can be represented as KPIs, grids or graphs.

Find out more about KPIs, grids and graphs →

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Cash flow

Cash flow statement

View the performance of your cash flow in detail with the cash flow statement. Created automatically, it allows you to see the monthly evolution of operational inflows/outflows as well as non-operational movements (linked to investments, repayment of financial debts, etc.) at a glance.

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Bank flows

Cash performance

Based on bank data, view your cash inflows and outflows grouped by customer / service provider / employee, cash position per day and month, cash generation over the month or since the beginning of the year, etc.

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EMAsphere is now a whole part to the decision-making process at Stardekk. It allows us to gain a clear and updated vision of the financial states of the company’s activities. Without it, our decision-making would be based on gut-feeling,
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EMAsphere allows us to automate the extraction of data useful to management. Its ease of use allows us to work efficiently and improve the teams collaboration.
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Complete your analysis with our other features


Budgeting and Forecasts




Make the most of consolidated reporting and forecasting in EMAsphere, which integrates intercompany management, sub-consolidation, multi-currency, etc.

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Draw up your forecasts and budgets in EMAsphere at income statement or cash flow level and take your pick among several creation methods.

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Benefit from a detailed understanding of your revenues and costs with analytical reporting in EMAsphere up to 10 levels.

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Beyond the financial aspect, gain visibility on the performance of all your departments and mix your financial and operational data within EMAsphere.

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