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EMAsphere officially arrives in the United Kingdom

Marine R.

Following the opening of two new offices in 2018, one in Ghent (Belgium) and another in Paris (France), we are delighted to announce that EMAsphere is now officially in the United Kingdom.

To discover EMAsphere and what our software can bring to the UK accountancy market, Didier Vankeerberghen, Co-CEO of EMAsphere, answered some questions.

What is your vision of the accountancy market in the UK?

Didier: “As in Belgium and France, the accountancy market in the United Kingdom is transforming. Customers are looking for more business insights, better collaboration and a true business partnerships while accountancy firms are looking for new ways to work closer with their clients and to offer value-added business services.

When some of our international customers decided to use EMAsphere for their UK entities, and major accountancy firms began to show interest in including our decision-making platform into their service offering, we had the confirmation that EMAsphere had a place in the UK market and that the UK market was ready for EMAsphere.”

Could you introduce us to EMAsphere ? What was the starting point ?

Didier: “Specifically, EMAsphere is a decision-making platform based on financial and operational data. Today 80% of enterprise data is unstructured. Yet, when well-managed and organised, this is the most powerful and actionable resource. This was the starting point for us, helping companies to improve their decision-making process.

On one hand, it assists CEOs and CFOs save time and resources creating reports, and to help them better understand and anticipate the evolution of their activities. Today we have more than 5000 customers from varying activity sectors who trust our software.

On the other hand, EMAsphere is a great solution for accountancy firms who want to better collaborate with their customers and develop new advisory services. Accountancy firms such as PwC, Deloitte, Grant Thornton chose our platform.”

What exactly does EMAsphere’s platform do ?

Didier: “EMAsphere is a multi-devices platform that connects data from accounting system, CRM, ERP, HR..., offering accurate business dashboards, updated in real time. Actually, software leaders in the UK like Microsoft, Quickbooks, Sage and Xero can be connected to our solution. Once data is available in EMAsphere, decision makers can easily analyse their financial and operational data, build business plans, get a clear view of their cash situation and realise forecasts and budgets.

From an accountancy firm point of view, EMAsphere is a solution that helps them to reinforce their business service offering and branding, while increasing their productivity and improving client satisfaction. Accountants can easily provide structured and actionable business information to their customers thanks to a fully personalised digital platform that can be integrated and white labeled in a portal.”

Is the timing right ?

Didier: “When we were considering the United Kingdom as a new market for developing our activity, there was some uncertainty, particularly around Brexit. However, what strengthen our position is that the need for businesses to understand their data will always be there. We are committed to offering the best decision-making platform to British companies.”

What is your ambition for this year ?

Didier: “In 2018, our goal was to open an office in France and start working with local accounting firms. I think we succeeded with this as we are now collaborating with renowned accountancy firms like PwC and Grant Thornton.

For 2019 we would like to achieve similar in the United Kingdom, and I can confirm that it’s going really well so far, as several major accounting firms have already shown high interest to work with us.”

Where can we meet you in the United Kingdom ?

Didier: “We will exhibit at the upcoming Accountex exhibition in London from 1st to 2nd May 2019. If you plan to visit, please do not hesitate to come and meet us on our stand (No. 484). In the meantime, our colleague Keith Taber, UK Business Development Manager, would be delighted to assist you - you can either schedule a demo or contact him via email.”

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