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Financial dashboard preview with EMAsphere

Leverage your data.

Discover what our platform has to offer.

An all-in-one solution.

Our platform captures the raw data built by your software solutions (ERP, CRM, Accounting…) to provide you with instant insights into your activities.

360° Integration

EMAsphere can connect to almost any existing software solution: CRM, ERP, PoS, accounting,...


Pick or design any financial and operational valuable indicators: Turnover, Stock, EBITDA, ARPU, Worked days, Gross margin...


Define your own analytical axis - department, product, region ... - to review in depth the performance dynamics across your organisation.


Gather data flow, account, forecasts, and much more from various entities, working from a unified view even across multiple currencies.

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A Deep Understanding.

Delve into and examine your data to obtain better clarity on the variations; potential risks and possible opportunities.

Budget - Forecasts

Define your budget with data derived from actual and adjusted forecasts. Create “Worst” and “Best” case scenarios to better anticipate your activities and the impact of your decisions.


Identify key details and nuances behind statements, reports and graphs.


Get a clear and full view of your cash flow with up-to-date information from accounts receivable and payable. Project cash forecast based on the financial flows.


Compare data, budgets and business plans against the comparative data of previous months, quarter or year.

Easily access previous years' data even after migrating to another software.

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A powerful platform.

Meet your needs and exceed your expectations with a state-of-the-art online environment. Connect and visualise your data in minutes, share them in seconds.


Avoid a long setup process and take the fast lane with our preconfigured templates ready to be customised.

Intuitive Interface

No need to be an IT expert to use our solution.


EMAsphere is available wherever you are, whenever you want it.


Add notes and start conversations with team members and external stakeholders.

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