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Connect KPD to EMAsphere for reliable and automated reporting.

KPD is a management software for your construction company. This software is designed to speed up business processes by providing a clear and comprehensive overview. KPD supports you in the preparation of your projects, in the management of your financial flows, in the preparation of your reports and payroll,...

Thanks to our KPD connector, EMAsphere is able to retrieve your data from KPD to generate reliable and up-to-date reports. With just a few clicks, you can :
  • Create dashboards that allow you to monitor your company's performance,
  • Generate analytical reporting
  • Bring together data from different entities,
  • Quickly analyse your cash position with hundreds of KPIs,
  • Prepare and publish your budget,
  • ...
Don't waste time on repetitive tasks and errors in your Excel. Create your automated reporting with EMAsphere!

About KPD


40 years of experience


Construction software



Softwares supported by EMAsphere:

  • KPD construction software
  • ...

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How EMAsphere connects to KPD



Automatically collects your data via our connector

Thanks to our connectors, we are able to retrieve data from your various data flows (accounting, sales, deliveries, etc.). Read more →


Structuring the data via our data model

Our connectors automatically retrieve and transform your data to match our data model.


Choose between pre-configured and customised

You can create your reporting from scratch, or you can use one of our many ready-to-use templates. Read more →


Analysis and collaboration

Your reporting is ready! You and your colleagues can finally spend some time analysing your data. Read more →


You can now benefit from reliable and up-to-date reporting

You have all the keys in hand to make the best decisions for your business.