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A customised report for different company stakeholders

Share meaningful reports with your various company stakeholders (CEO, board member, manager,...).


Access up-to-date data at your fingertips

Send information seamlessly across your organisation

Share only the relevant data to each stakeholder

Eliminate last minute requests for report updates. Get your weekends back.

Your team will be autonomous and will get answers at their fingertips.



  • Define personal access for each member
  • Define specific views by group of users or user access
  • Share relevant dashboards with each stakeholder

Your CEO

  • Gets an up-to-date view of the company's performance
  • Analyses the results compared to forecasted data and previous periods
  • Makes decisions based on reliable data

Your board

  • Has a specified view of data validated by you
  • Gets an up-to-date overview of the company's activity
  • Can only access to the dashboard you defined for the board members

Your colleague from other departments

  • Can quickly identify if the department performance is on track
  • Has access only to information relating to their department
  • Can easily share information within their team in PPT or CSV format

Data sharing designed to make things simple

Share ready-to-use slide decks

Access to your reports from any device

Notifications keep you up-to-date

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How can you get that powerful reporting?

It's so simple that you should do it now.


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Discover how our reporting platform can help in your daily activities.


Get your data connected in a few clicks
Once you subscribe to our platform, we take care of connecting your systems to EMAsphere.


Get control of your reporting
Take full control of your reporting and make informed decisions.

Discover how our customers have improved their teamwork with EMAsphere.

"Our teams are more productive thanks to the automated updating of data and financial reports. The process is smoother and management is fully transparent thanks to the completeness of the information"


Ilse Jansoone
CFO | Duke & Grace

"EMAsphere allows us to automate the extraction of useful management data in an appropriate manner. Its ease of use allows us to work efficiently and to improve collaboration between teams"


Jurgen Van Den Branden
Finance Manager | Van Der Valk Hotel Beveren

Analysis & forecasting

Automated reports